June 10, 2019

Dosharon Solutions: A Trusted Supplier

Dosharon Solutions stands out. When it come to today’s product supply chains to the engineering, mining and agricultural sectors, many suppliers are too inflexible to give individual customers an unparalleled personalised experience that they desire.

That’s where Dosharon Solutions bridges the gap by offering services and turnkey procurement solutions in addition to providing consumables, parts, machinery equipment and tools for the various organisations in the industries mentioned.

“Businesses struggle to compete with emerging players better equipped to handle digital disruption. We are disruptors in the supply and service industries because of our systems, solutions and the ability to tailor our services to customer needs”, says Danny C Kapasa (Business Development and Finance)

Sectors Supplied To:

A reliable supply chain for the engineering sector. They provide parts, machinery, sourcing and supply.

Dosharon Solutions supplies drilling parts and equipment, process solutions, sourcing and supply of consumables.

Dosharon is a Agriculture machinery inputs and parts solution provider.

“Our main objective is to ensure that our clients get the lowest possible price for their desired quality and deliver the right product and service. We source vendors, certify factories and products, monitor production and inspect final goods,” says Kapasa.

The company operates state-of-the art systems and with their experience and industry knowledge, coupled with dedicated staff, they are strategically aligned to offer their clients unprecedented levels of service, support and cost savings in the engineering, mining and agricultural sectors.

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